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How to Use the Bible at Web Chapel

If you would like to reference the Bible at Web Chapel in your own on-line Bible Study material, follow the simple illustration given below, using the list of Bible book mnemonics provided here:

Mnemonics for The Holy Bible:

  ACT = The Acts           AMO = Amos               CH1 = 1 Chronicles
  CH2 = 2 Chronicles       CO1 = 1 Corinthians      CO2 = 2 Corinthians
  COL = Colossians         DAN = Daniel             DEU = Deuteronomy
  ECC = Ecclesiastes       EPH = Ephesians          EST = Esther
  EXO = Exodus             EZE = Ezekiel            EZR = Ezra
  GAL = Galatians          GEN = Genesis            HAB = Habakkuk
  HAG = Haggai             HEB = Hebrews            HOS = Hosea
  ISA = Isaiah             JAM = James              JDG = Judges
  JER = Jeremiah           JO1 = 1 John             JO2 = 2 John
  JO3 = 3 John             JOB = Job                JOE = Joel
  JOH = John               JON = Jonah              JOS = Joshua
  JUD = Jude               KI1 = 1 Kings            KI2 = 2 Kings
  LAM = Lamentations       LEV = Leviticus          LUK = Luke
  MAL = Malachi            MAR = Mark               MAT = Matthew
  MIC = Micah              NAH = Nahum              NEH = Nehemiah
  NUM = Numbers            OBA = Obadiah            PE1 = 1 Peter
  PE2 = 2 Peter            PHI = Philippians        PHM = Philemon
  PRO = Proverbs           PSA = Psalms             REV = Revelation
  ROM = Romans             RTH = Ruth               SA1 = 1 Samuel
  SA2 = 2 Samuel           SON = Song of Solomon    TH1 = 1 Thessalonians
  TH2 = 2 Thessalonians    TI1 = 1 Timothy          TI2 = 2 Timothy
  TIT = Titus              ZEC = Zechariah          ZEP = Zephaniah

Mnemonics for The Apocrypha:

  1ES = I Esdras           2ES = II Esdras          1MA = I Maccabees
  2MA = II Maccabees       AZA = Prayer of Azariah  BAR = Baruch
  BEL = Bel and the Dragon EST = The Rest of Esther JDT = Judith
  JMY = Epistle of Jeremy  MAN = Prayer of Manasses SIR = Sirach
  SUS = History of Susanna TOB = Tobit              WIS = Wisdom

Mnemonics for versions of The Holy Bible and The Apocrypha:

  apoc = The Apocrypha
  kjvb = King James Version


To reference a particular verse in a particular chapter in a book of the Bible, follow the URL naming conventions illustrated here. You have two methods of referencing available. You can reference a range of verses to be retrieved in block-quote format. (This method uses the CGI script behind the Bible Concordance.) Or, you can reference a verse within the HTML file for a specific chapter, retrieving all of the chapter as well.

The examples below illustrate both methods of reference, where BBB is the three letter mnemonic of the book, C is the chapter number, V is the verse number, and ssss is one of the versions of scripture listed above.

You may also reference a single verse in block-quote format, as in example one below, or you may reference an entire chapter by ommiting the verse entirely, as in example two. Example three also shows how to reference an entire chapter by simply referencing the HTML for that chapter.

In the examples above which use the Concordance CGI script, '', the default for 'ssss' is 'kjvb' if it is omitted.

Here's how your Bible study's HTML code might look:

We are currently reading through the book of John in the New Testament. This week we will be studying John, Chapter 12. Take a few moments to read through the passage of scripture, then come back, and we will try to get more insight into what John was writing about. Let's pray...

The raising of Lazarus from the dead was a pivotal miracle in the unfolding of events that were shortly to take place. This was the great sign that so many of the Jews had been asking for to validate Jesus' Messianic office. A man was dead and yet he lives! In John 12:1-11, a wonderful scene is painted for us by the writer John. An honorary dinner is held for Jesus, the miracle worker. Lazarus is there reclining at the table with Jesus. There is a buzz of activity outside the home of Mary and Martha, as the Jews come to see if Lazarus is truly alive. In the center of this scene, Mary is kneeling at the feet of Jesus, as she pours a bottle of costly perfume on His feet and wipes them with her flowing hair. The aroma fills the house and every one takes notice of Mary. Now Judas has not played a key roll up to this point in the life of Jesus. We learn that he has been in charge of the treasury, and often dipped his hand into the purse to satisfy his own selfish desires. Beginning in verse 4, we learn something about the heart of Judas.

Well, I hope this has been a help to you. I pray that the Lord would use this resource to reach the multitudes who still have not heard the good news of His great grace.

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